Fall Skin Health

As we transition into fall, it is important to remember that our skin’s needs also shift. Such transitions require that we modify our skincare regimen, our food choices, and our targeted supplements. This seasonal change also allows us to incorporate new supportive self-care rituals. And fall is an ideal time to begin a program for rejuvenation. To promote optimal fall skin health try a few of these ideas.

10 Tips To Support You Through Potential Toxin Exposure

As a result of the devastating natural disasters that have impacted our community, many of us have been exposed to potential toxins. First it was the smoke and ash, then the mud and debris, and most recently the mud dust. Our bodies have an extraordinary capacity to heal. However, in times like these, it is extremely important to support our body’s natural detoxification abilities and enhance our efficiency in eliminating toxins. Below are some suggestions to support and optimize your body’s recovery and healing. 

10 Tips for Self-Care During Difficult Times

The devastation to our community from the recent natural disasters has been overwhelming; the loss and destruction heartbreaking. We have all been impacted. Even if we haven’t been directly affected, knowing beloved community members who have suffered, or even just hearing the emotional stories in the news, can shake us to our core. During these difficult times it is imperative that we take care of ourselves. We at WELL Dermatology would like to offer these simple and accessible self-care ideas in hopes of providing a respite for you, giving you strength and comfort along this path to healing and recovery.