Caroline Powers is a Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach, specializing in bringing clients’ skin health, nutrition, and lifestyle into balance. She learned through personal experience the important role that diet and lifestyle play in our fundamental health and well-being. She brings this experience—combined with her intellectual curiosity and relentless research—to every person she works with, crafting customized plans to transform short-term improvements into lifelong habits. She knows that making these types of changes can be challenging, which is why her approachable style, ability to listen openly, and empathic nature make for an easeful and supportive transition to optimal health. Caroline is excited to partner with Dr. Klemperer in order to offer clients an integrative approach to dermatology. This powerful partnership ensures that clients will look better, feel better, and live better.

Background: Caroline received her Bachelor of Arts from Ohio Wesleyan University. After a 10 year career in retail with the Gap in San Francisco, she transitioned to stay home full time with her 2 boys. Several years later, Caroline became passionate about health and wellness as a result of experiencing dramatic changes to her own health through diet and lifestyle changes, and was eager to deepen her education about holistic nutrition so she could help others find their optimal wellness. She received her training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and started her own practice in 2012. 

How I find balance: Yoga, hiking, surfing, meditation, reading, and family ping pong tournaments

Favorite food blogs: Green Kitchen Stories, 101 Cookbooks

Can’t live without: Daily tablespoon of Fire Cider, Vinter’s Daughter botanical serum

Number one health tip: Get sleep, hydration, and stress in order before you do anything else for your health